Are you looking for a taxicab in Cleveland, Ohio?  Trying to find a reliable ride to Cleveland Hopkins Airport?  Going out on the town and don't want to get a OVI/DUI?  Want to pre-schedule a taxi to take you to your doctors appointment?  Hire a driver that's sure to become your personal chauffer.

Speak to a real live driver in Cleveland, Ohio by calling one at:

That's 1-866-829-4626. 

Are you an ASPIRING TAXI DRIVER?  Congratulations.  Believe me, there is definitely money to be made in this business.  Find your niche.  Pour your heart and soul into your job.  You WILL make money.  One way to make money is to market yourself and your services to commercial accounts, attorneys, doormen, hotel concierges, travel agencies, and other cab drivers.   When driving a cab, I found having a unique branded IMAGE, LOGO, TOLL FREE TELEPHONE NUMBER, and WEBSITE made it easy to market myself. 

What a customer wants is someone they can get to know and trust to call upon when they need a cab.  The customer doesn't want to call an impersonal dispatch service who broadcasts their request for a cab over a computer or two-way radio.  They want to call their buddy to give them a lift.  You, as an independent cab driver, can offer this service.

It's also important to develop a network of other cab drivers in each of the respective shifts 24 hours a day.  It's important to always have another cab driver you can call and give an order to if you're on another trip, or not working.  The customer doesn't want excuses, they fast, prompt, dependable, trustworthy cab service.  The customer doesn't care that you are doing something else: they want a cab.

Personally, I'm no longer driving a cab, but that's because I earned enough money driving a cab to start my own business.  But I can help you, an independent cabdriver, market yourself.  I can provide full color customized BUSINESS CARDS, an EASY TO REMEMBER TOLL FREE NUMBER that rings DIRECTLY TO YOUR CELL PHONE whenever someone from your telephone area code calls, and a WEBSITE to advertise your business.  That's right, 1-866-TAXI-MAN will ring right to YOUR cell phone!!!

Give me a call, I'm sure we can work out a mutually beneficial business relationship.  If you call 1-866-TAXI-MAN from 216, 330, or 440 telephone area codes, you might be connected with a live taxi driver.  That doesn't mean that area has already been taken.  GIVE ME A CALL BY DIALING 1-888-873-1770.  Tell me you're calling about TAXI MAN Marketing.











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